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RV Delivery
We can assist with arranging delivery to any location in the continental USA and Hawaii.  The companies we contract with
are fully insured and licensed for RV delivery.  Drivers typically cover 500-600 miles/day.   Typical rates as of January 2020
are $1.50-2.00/mile but may vary depending on the pick up and drop off location.   Call or email for a quote.

Motorcycle Delivery Options:

We contract with a number of companies both local and Nationwide to get you the best rate and schedule that meets your
needs.   We have special low rates in the Western, Northwestern, Southwestern, Mountain, and Gulf Coast States.  Feel
free to contact us for a personal quotation.

Uncrated Motorcycle Delivery:

Here are examples of typical rates for uncrated motorcycle delivery we can arrange as of August 2018.  I havent done much
motorcycle shipping recently so please request a current rate quote.  Prices subject to change without notice and are just an

$150-400 to your door in California, Arizona, Much of Utah and Nevada
$300-500 to the Mountain, Western, Southwestern, Northwestern States
$400-800 USA and Canada Border
$600-700 to Hawaii
Delivery within parts of Canada is also available

The more expensive rates are typically for palletized shipping in enclosed tractor trailers.  This would be the most secure
shipping method.  Less expensive rates may be in open or most likely enclosed trailers with the bikes tied down side by
side.  Feel free to arrange your own shipping, I will be happy to work with any shipping company you select.  


Ocean Shipping can be arranged to most major world ports for $750-$1000 as of August 2018.  We have exported
motorcycles to Canada, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Norway, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Hong Kong,
Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Finland and Estonia to name a few.   I
encourage you to arrange your own shipping and I will be happy to work with any company you select.  The nearest
shipping terminals are Long Beach and Los Angeles but we can arrange delivery to any terminal in the USA.  We can also
assist in  arranging your export needs through our network of proven export companies that we have used in the past.  
Crating is not usually required.  

Uncrated shipping is not available for all ports.   Call or email for a quote if crating needed or desired for increased security.
Motorcycle Shipping---Export----RV Delivery
Harley Davidson Dyna Crated
for Shipping to Germany
A cardboard or plywood cover
will be installed
Crated Buell Sportbike