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RV Delivery
We can arrange to any location in the continental USA.  Drivers typically cover
500-600 miles per day.  Buyer will pay for fuel, driver lodging, driver’s airfare
home, and a nominal daily wage.  

Motorcycle Delivery Options:

We contract with a number of companies both local and Nationwide to get you
the best rate and schedule that meets your needs.   Feel free to contact us for
a personal quotation.

Uncrated Motorcycle Delivery:

Here are examples of typical rates for uncrated motorcycle delivery we can
arrange as of
November 2016:

$150-350 to your door in California, Arizona, Most of Nevada
400 to the Mountain, Western, Southwestern, Northwestern States
400-750 USA and Canada Border
$600-650 to Hawaii
Delivery within Canada is also available

The more expensive rates are typically for palletized shipping in enclosed tractor
trailers.  This would be the most secure shipping method.  Less expensive rates
may be in open or closed trailers with the bikes tied down side by side.  Feel
free to arrange your own shipping, I will be happy to work with any shipping
company you select.  

Crated Motorcycle Shipping-Four Days Delivery

We can provide low cost crated shipping to one of Forward Air’s 78 terminals
located across the lower 48 states.  This is the fastest delivery option, usually
only four days transit time to any terminal from San Diego.   The bike must be
picked up at the terminal or we can arrange delivery within the Forward Air
Complete Coverage Area as shown for an additional fee.  You may also arrange
delivery from the terminal to your location.  I suggest contacting the terminal,
they can usually recommend a company which services your area.  Sportbike
rates are $350-$495, Sportsters and other mid size bikes are usually  
$400-$600.  I dont recommend shipping larger bikes with this method.   The
shipping company provides minimal insurance, typically $200-400 maximum
coverage so we recommend you have your own insurance in place prior to


Ocean Shipping can be arranged to most major world ports for $750-$1000.  
We have exported motorcycles to Spain, Germany, Norway, UK, Sweden, The
Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines,
New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Finland and Estonia to name a
few.   I encourage you to arrange your own shipping and I will be happy to
work with any company you select.  The nearest shipping terminals are Long
Beach and Los Angeles but we can arrange delivery to any terminal in the USA.  
We can also assist in  arranging your export needs through our network of
proven export companies that we have used in the past.  Crating, if required, is
for Sport Bikes, $500 for Harley Davidson and other full size motorcycles.
Not all shippers or destinations require crating.  Most European , New Zealand
and Australia Ports do not require crating.
Motorcycle Shipping---Export----RV Delivery
Forward Air Extended Coverage Map
Harley Davidson Dyna Crated
for Shipping to Germany
Crated Buell Sportbike